Cockapoo Puppy


Pawsitively Cockapoos
It is Our Mission to raise a happy, healthy and well
adjusted puppy. We are a state licensed facility and all
puppies have to be 8 weeks of age before they can leave
the kennel. This is a Colorado state law. In some cases, a
puppy might not be mentally ready to leave at 8 weeks.
In those instances, I will hold on to the puppy until I feel
it is ready to make the transition to his/her new family &
forever home.
Often we have deposits for puppies not even born yet, or
we have deposits before they are 8 weeks old. This is
important to us as we feel that someone who is willing to
plan ahead, do their research and take the necessary
steps they need to be ready for their new family member,
this is a person who is most likely to give our puppy a
forever home . We really want to stay away from impulse
buying and those that are not offering forever homes.
Pawsitively Cockapoos will help you with the decision
making process about a Cockapoo puppy as your new
pet, helping you prepare for the new family member and
what will be required for his/her grooming & diet needs.